Pop Music

Pop music is one genre of music which originated in the USA. It is even more popular in the UK. The one characteristic of pop music is that it can be played as a folk music and as well as a jazz musician. It can be also said that pop music entertains a huge crowd of people compared to another music genre. Michael Jackson and Madonna are termed as the king and queen of pop music. While Michael mixes pop and rock music, Madonna sticks to pop and jazz music. That is the reason why Michael Jackson songs are more popular than Madonna. Previously since there was no digital sampling we were forced to use only mikes to the singer. But now due to technical advancement, there are lots of others like live relay streaming and on-air streaming which helps us to get direct music and items and usage as such. The pop music is also the very effective method to get rid of the stress and tensions in our mind and soul. The basic quality of a good pop music must be it should be harmonically versed and counteracted and well perceived as such. As compared to the global scenario the latest sensation has been Korean and Japanese music which has attracted global fame. The famous example of a recent pop song can be Gangnam style from PSY. He gained global attention because of this pop song.