Rock Music

Rock music is one variety of music which originated in the United States and found popularity all over the world. The music is actually termed as rock and roll. Rock music generally deals with an amplified electric guitar and drums. The music actually was a method that people used as a symbol to show their revolt against the government. The rock and roll music is always perceived as the music not fit for pure souls or common folks. But that predicament changed during the 2000s. The first instance of rock music was in the 1950s based in Cleveland, Ohio where it was played by Eileen freed. There are different varieties of rock music namely-pop, British invasion, garage, and surf. But generally, rock music is perceived differently by the Americans and the British Americans use it as general party theme music while the British give a little more respect to the rock music. Americans being inventors of the music use a heavy metal guitar while the British people use a light banded guitar. Indians use rock music in their movies and Punjabi albums. Punjabi people are very much attracted to rock music.